1. Where is my serial number located? For RHINO METALS™ Safes, the serial number is located on the bottom back corner of the safe and on the lower inside section of the door. For BIGHORN™ and KODIAK® Safes, the serial number is located on the right side of the safe near the back top corner and on the lower inside section of the door. Serial numbers are also recorded in the Owner’s Manual. 

2. How do I clean my safe? See safe maintenance section on page 8. 

3. Is my safe pre-drilled for a dehumidifier? Yes, depending on model, your safe may either be predrilled or have an internal power outlet. If predrilled, you will see a small hole in the steel in one of the lower corners on the backside of the safe. You’ll need to back-drill through the fire lining and upholstery to be able to feed the wire for your dehumidifier through the hole. 

4. My safe has external hinges. Are they more vulnerable to an attack than internal hinges? No. In fact, external hinges are just as, if not more, secure. Your safe has door bolts on both sides of the door to prevent the door from opening if the hinges are sawed off. Also, in a fire, internal hinged safes are vulnerable to heat transfer as there is a large unprotected area where the hinges are welded to the inside of the body. External hinges help provide you the best fire and theft protection possible. 

5. Should I bolt my safe down? Definitely! If you had the ability to get your safe into your house, a burglar will be able to get it out. Bolting your safe down ensures the best possible protection for your valuables. Also, safes are very top heavy and when unsecured can be a safety hazard. You must bolt down your safe to validate your break-in warranty. 

6. How do I bolt my safe down? Your safe has pre-drilled anchoring holes in the floor. (Refer to pages 4 &6) 

7. Can my electronic lock be hot-wired by a burglar to gain entry? All U.L. Listed electronic locks are designed to block any attempts at hot-wiring, shorting, and manipulation. The only way to open your lock is with the existing combination.